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Sunday, May 8th, 2005
9:35 pm
So apparently no one has said anything here in about a year...to be frank I'm completely lost on Sidwell news but an Alumni magazine arrived in my mailbox here in Maine the other day. Completely random, yet triggered massive/unexplained yearning for Sidwell and high school. I'm like not uptodate at all on what's going on...Random thing that my mom told me via a girl she knows who's currently a senior--> Class of '05's prank never happened? They were in "talks" with the Administration to properly construct a prank that was conducive not only to the student body but to the school...not quite sure what that's about.

Update from Bowdoin: I'm doing well, so is Diana. Only one other person from Sidwell is here right now, but we may be getting one or two Quaker kids this fall. We'll see yo! Hella much to '03ers...if y'all are still around.
Thursday, January 8th, 2004
12:28 pm
Class of '04 took the Lifer picture today for the yearbook.
Yay Lifers!
It's kind of nice, since I didn't go to boarding school, to be in that picture.
Enduring 14 years here is quite a feat.
Wednesday, December 10th, 2003
11:02 pm
senior skip day on friday, wheeeeeeee!
Monday, December 8th, 2003
10:31 pm
The Bruce-chute
i forget who came up with this.

The BruceChute was thought up by some senior. Remember The controvercy over hte snow policy? Now it's been boiled down to, if Brucie can get to school, the rest of us have to come too. So: There's a new capital campaign to rebuild hte middle school, but the money is really going to be used to fund the brucechute.

The BruceChute
A tunnel between Bruce Stewart's house and Sidwell will be dug and lined with gold. A red carpet will be rolled out along it. On wintry days, Bruce will be driven to school in a little golf cart by one of the random community parents who, essentially, fund the school. He'll be bathed in cash as they drive, and a 3 pc. orchestra will play for him as they go, ergo deleting all snow days forever.

the end.
Sunday, November 23rd, 2003
11:08 pm
Sooo... we're all waiting to hear...


I heard you guys were great, but I want to hear all: reviews from those who saw it, experiences from those in it. Sorry I didn't call you all. I was planning to and then my life went spinning into frantic circles. But it's back on track now and I want ot HEAR ABOUT IT!!

Current Mood: curious
Monday, November 17th, 2003
3:17 pm
hey y'all--if any of you went to the benefit concert at sidwell last year, you might remember a group called "brown couch", a couple of bearded alums who went to yale and sang real good. anyway, so, like, they're opening for carbon leaf at the birchmere on december 16th and 17th. carbon leaf. you know them. they had that one hit. and it was like "HE IIIIIS THE BOXER he knows WHEN AND WHEEERE to STROIKE" and it was kind of scottish but not really, because they're from alexandria. anyway, support the overpriveleged private school kids who have now degenerated into starving artists! go to this concert! brown couch is cool! yay.

Current Mood: musical
Tuesday, November 11th, 2003
6:04 pm
Just in case the alumni didn't know, former head of school Earl Harrison died monday morning.
Thursday, November 6th, 2003
4:38 pm
Okay okay okay... How did it slip by y'all (except Jules, the one honest person among you) to fail to mention


Seriously, this is why we tell you to keep us informed!!

Dammit, now my home and my home away from home are gone...
Friday, October 24th, 2003
1:58 am
You know you go to Sidwell if...

...you bring your supplemental textbook for AP Bio to a huge horse show, and study during the trick riding and bull riding.
Tuesday, October 21st, 2003
9:18 am
So Garman invited the senior center into his office for brekkie. He told us the Undermuffler story. And lots of other stories.
Yay Garman...
Monday, October 20th, 2003
6:04 pm
HC was pretty good but very uneventful.

I don't like the 830-11PM timeslot of the dance, to begin with.. it really sucks to have to get there by 915. But we did, and we had fun.. though it was beastly hot (this might have been due to my 100% polyester outfit). The DJ was okay but unremarkable, which I guess sums up my feelings about the entire dance. I had fun, however, even despite the lack of afterparties. Afterwards a bunch of us went to Booeymonger and then to Ariel's house to hang out, and then we split off and I ended up going to Char's house in GTown to sleep over. That was a lot of fun.

That's about it, really. Nothing to report.
8:58 am
Senior Homecoming, folks.

Complaints, because that's my duty as a senior and a lifer:
-there were no activities, other than DDR, outside of the actual dance.
-they only served water - no, no sodas.
-they gave us no food. none. fuckers.
-the dj, though she was good, was definately budget.
-i dont think there were any big sidwell afterparties, which was minorly unfortunate. but oh well.

However it was pretty fun i suppose. it sounds like most people enjoyed it. Polly Bomstein was in Homecoming mode which frankly is frightening. but i think she pulled it all together. she's like supermom or something.


Current Mood: restless
Sunday, October 19th, 2003
9:45 pm
Hey all

So one or the other or some of you ought to be posting a FULL description of Homecoming and all that jazz, because we weren't there to see...

In other news: I saw Alison Turza at a video store in New York. It was kind of the hight of randomness. Also saw Victoria Chang and Naabia at Hah-vahd. They are both very good. Though, I must say, that's one college that isn't any easier than SFS. Working their butts off. In one last sidwell-sighting, I had lunch with Emily Gerstell, who's very good, and in an independent flick she didn't get paid for, but still legit work, which is pretty damned cool, if you ask me.

Still other news: be thankful now, ye blessed ones, because it's 10 o'clock, I have a paper due at 8, I haven't started, but due to my ohsolovely Sidwell edumaction I ain't worried none. Okay, a little bit, but still. I've done this before....

And, by the way, if I haven't said it before: Middlebury rocks.

Hope all is well. Keep us up on the Sidwell gossip, if you please and tell us about homecoming!
12:09 pm


Let's just affirm that it's the only Sidwell dance I have ever been to that I can honestly say rocked.

(I mean the music was crappy as usual, but being a senior girl seemed to make it innately fun)

Hurrah for seniors 04.

*smiles* Roro

Current Mood: happy
Thursday, October 16th, 2003
6:59 pm
Anybody else love Garman?
...He spent several minutes during class today talking to us from under his desk, on all fours. It was one of the funniest things ever - it's his hiding spot, for when he gets overwhelmed.
2:26 am
college tip, yo

work like HEAVEN!! (studying, sleeping, writing papers, whatev)

what's up, sidwell kids? i finally figured out how to join this bebe...
Monday, October 13th, 2003
5:29 pm

I have to agree with Julia, aaarrrgh(pirate-like noise) to college essays!!!I hate the college process but it will definately(at least I hope) be worth it when we're through...I just finished my Whitman paper for Garman, and wierdly enough, I enjoyed writing it. I think.

I'm sure that all of you cringe ever so slightly at the thoughts of me terrorizing the streets of DC, but...i got my permit!!!

Anyway, yay college!
1:03 pm
Visiting So Cal
Hey Sidwell peeps!

Although CA is awesome and sunny, it would be even better if people would visit me. If any of you seniors are interested in Pomona, e-mail me at katherine.mathews@pomona.edu. Visit me even if you're not interested and only want an excuse to see some palm trees. Either way, I'm your woman.

Good luck with the application process! It's worth it in the end.


Current Mood: working
Tuesday, October 7th, 2003
10:04 am
It's not too long until Lord of the Rings tickets go on sale...

And i want us to have a LotR party.
So respond to this if you want me to get you a ticket to the 10:30 show on Wednessday the 17th of December.

Seniors: recall this one thing: what will you remember in eighty years. That you wrote apps on that night, or went with a bunch of awesome alums to an awesome movie and had an AMAZING time. Take a break. Ask any alum, you'll thank yourself later.
Wednesday, October 1st, 2003
7:11 pm
Hello!!! So it's not like any of you are on my friends page...but oh well!!! This has got to be one of Willa's Greatest Stolen Ideas ever.

Anyway, I (fortunately) missed assembly today, but i'm in an i-love-sfs/garman/stewart mood. mostly because they let me come home. and all that buisness about me going to boarding school? it was just for attention. oh, and going away parties:-)

class of '04!!!

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